Because it’s time for a change in tech!

We are a team of diverse people who have all one thing in common: A passion for diversity in tech. Some of us work in the tech industry already and then we have people who do not necessarily work in tech but truly believe in our mission.
Together we work with our partners from economy, society and media towards a future in which we strive to ultimately close the diversity gap in tech.

Meet our founder

Meet our founder

Meet our founder

Hi, I'm Mina Saidze, a Community Leader, Data Evangelist and Diversity Driver on a mission to make the tech industry more inclusive. As the daughter of activists from Afghanistan, I deeply care about equality.

Since the age of 14, I have been an activist and represented Germany at the official G8 & G20 Youth Summit in St. Petersburg and London where my policy recommendations have been adapted by the international community.

"Driven by the idea of helping others, I founded Inclusive Tech, Europe’s first consulting organization and community for diversity in tech."

How did we get here?

During a hard-hitting experience, I became aware of the societal impact of AI and Big Data which piqued my interest in Diversity in Tech AI Ethics. I wanted to make my work more socially conscious, but there was no place to turn for my concerns.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Meet our team

A group of individuals who believe in an inclusive future

Together we work towards building a community of people with diverse backgrounds, skills and drives.

Liudmila Rubleva

Liudmila Rubleva is a Data Enthusiast and Diversity Advocate. During her Master degree in Political Science, she worked at Germany’s largest news agency dpa in the field of election data research and analysis. Currently she works as a Digital Analyst at an Axel Springer Portfolio Company. At Inclusive Tech, she is committed to driving change and promoting diversity, equality and inclusion in tech.

Arabella Bossiade

Arabella Bossiade is a Native Togolese and has an academic background in Industrial Engineering. Currently she works in the health sector and has gained extensive experience in international organisations. Due to her being a minority in STEM, she faced challenges which she successfully overcame. Therefore she decided to advocate for more diversity and inclusion in science, technology and engineering.

Diva Saidze

Diva Saidze is an IT Consultant and has a track record as a Software Developer and Data Specialist. She has an academic background in Computer Science and Business Administration. Currently she works in IT at Tchibo, one of Germany’s largest e-commerce companies. She wants to encourage more minorities, in particular women of color like herself, to enter the tech industry and develop inclusive technologies.

Marsya Putu

Marsya Putu is a Data Analytics Lead at a leading start-up in Europe. She holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering. At Inclusive Tech, she found like minded people with the mission to promote inclusion in tech, in particular Big Data and AI. Being a minority in the tech industry herself, she is committed to help other women and underrepresented groups to thrive in their tech and science careers.

Sandra Zubler

Sandra Zubler is a Technical Pre-Sales Engineer for a SaaS platform. Previously she worked in Innovation Management at Mercedes Benz. She graduated with a Master in Technology and Management from the Copenhagen Business School. To her, inclusion means encouraging women and minorities to enter the tech sector, whilst committing companies to continuously build environments where everyone can thrive.

What can you expect as an Inclusive Tech Team Member?

What can you expect as an Inclusive Tech Team Member?

What can you expect as an Inclusive Tech Team Member?

Looks great on your resume

You will gain meaningful experience and can improve your public speaking skills and get a deep understanding of how an international organization works.


You will meet people from all around the world and also work closely with the Inclusive Tech team. This can place you in a good position when you will be in need of recommendation letters or contacts for potential positions.

Participate in our events

You can participate as a volunteer during our events, even possibly get connected with our speakers.


We will provide internal training sessions to help you enhance your knowledge about event management, communication, content and project management topics.


We will develop a short profile of you as an Ambassador on our Social Media channels enabling fellow people to contact you.


After having successfully completed at least 6 months as an Ambassador, you will receive a certificate.

Become an Inclusive Tech Team Member!

Meet our Visionaries

Meet our Visionaries

Meet our Visionaries

Because of their wish for change and trust in us to deliver, our Visionaries support us with advice and care.

We have a collaborative relationship based on deep mutual respect and the shared overarching goal of creating long-term systemic change in tech and invite them to talks and events with the trailblazers and leading thinkers in our area of work

"If you look at tech from various perspectives, you will certainly gain new insights. The plurality of opinions can influence the design of technology tremendously and contribute to a better end result."

Thomas Bachem
Founder & Chancellor
CODE University of Applied Sciences

"Only with more diversity in tech can we prevent technologies from perpetuating prejudices and thus further reinforcing social inequalities. Technology must contribute to a more inclusive and fairer society."

Constanze Osei
Head of Society & Innovation Policy

"Diversity is essential for future progress in the Research & Development of Artificial Intelligence. This is why we need diverse mentors and role models that can inspire others. Seeing is believing."

Dr. Alexander Del Toro Barba
Lead Machine Learning Specialist

"Innovation arises at the interfaces in diverse networks - and since AI and algorithms play an essential role in all areas of our lives, it becomes even more important that innovations can also be used by society in their entirety."

Deepa Gautam-Nigge
Senior Director | Global Lead SAP Next-Gen Ecosystem

"To create less-biased data-driven technologies, you need a multi-dimensional, diverse and inclusive team to build it."

Jörg Rheinboldt
Managing Director APX

"Technologies form the basis for essential decisions in our life. To prevent discrimination against certain groups, diverse tech teams can be a solution. Ultimately technology should contribute to a future that reflects the diversity of our society."

Victoria Wagner
CEO & Founder

"Diverse teams are more successful, innovative and resilient – this is exactly what Europe needs to develop one of the most important technologies of our time."

Vanessa Cann
Managing Director
German AI Association

"Diversity in tech teams, in particular in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, is crucial to avoid bias in algorithms. Hence, I proudly support Inclusive Tech and want to contribute to a future of tech that puts humans first."

Justin Vanessa Reichelt
Co-Founder & Head of Tech Program
FreeTech Academy

"Technology is the key to the future, which must be communicated to broad target groups in a simple and understandable way. Every individual can contribute here."

Claudia Pohlink
Head of Artificial Intelligence T-Labs
Member of the Bitkom Board for AI

"A diverse society requires technologies that use diversity as a strength to enable innovation in all areas of life."

Dr. Susan Wegner
Vice President Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics
Lufthansa Industry Solutions

"Mitigating unwanted biases in technology, in particular in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, can only be achieved when tackling the blind spot - that is lack of diversity in the tech sphere."

Catherine Bischoff
Chief Relationships Officer
Factory Berlin

"The work of Inclusive Tech is necessary to give space to diverse voices in tech and to create an inclusive society and an open European tech ecosystem. It's one of the steps to overcome unconscious bias."

Elena Poughia
Founder Data Natives

"Technology is built by the people for the people. We should aim for inclusion of everyone to create an equal future. Therefore I support Inclusive Tech."

Dr. Wolfgang Gründinger
Award-Winning Future Lobbyist & Author

What can you expect as a Visionary?

What can you expect as a Visionary?

What can you expect as a Visionary?

Access to events such as our annual symposium to stay updated in our area of work

Receive curated content on current trends in diversity in tech

Become part of an inspiring network of leaders across different industries

Being featured on our website and social media channels

Receive discount on access for services and trainings

Become an Inclusive Tech Visionary!

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